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Teehee, Dark Side. Star Wars + Crack!
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Tenna { i will holler you home } [userpic]

This community's antics are going to be moving over to ontd_starwars! So if you are a fan of SW (and EU, especially) crack, then head on over and join/watch that community!

Hope to see you there! :D

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Tenna { i will holler you home } [userpic]

A few of us who can't make it to Celebration V (money reasons, too close to Dragon*Con/Comic-Con, too far away, etc.) are starting an online version of the convention for all the others who can't make it!

It will most likely be a mix of Livejournal and forum things and you can find more information here (events going on, "registration" info, etc.)!

So if you can't make it to Celebration V but still want to share in the SW nerdery, go ahead and sign up! :D

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Tenna { i will holler you home } [userpic]

CRACK FANMIX. Of Jacen, errrr Caedus-y epic things.

HEY -- a Jacen Solo Musical!

Also, if you're seeing this twice in a row, first off, SORRY. But second, that means you're a Jacen fan and a Star Wars crack fan, therefore, I LOVE YOU. XD

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Tenna { i will holler you home } [userpic]

Yeah, I had too much fun with these, sorry. D:

Under the cut (and there are NO SPOILERS on these -- for any of you avoiding Invincible spoilers) =
Anakin x2, Jacen x3, Tenel Ka x1, Kyp x1, Corran x1, Han & Leia x1, Zekk x1, Jag x1, "J/TK" x1, "Jacen/Danni" x1, Anja Gallandro x1, Alema x1, Kyle x1, Mara + Jacen x1, LOL Ben x1

Teaser of doomy doom.

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I know this game is gonna turn out crazy/crack cause all of these silly things do, so I figured it would be appropriate to post about here since this is a community filled by crazy SW fans. XD

There's a new post-Dark Nest RPG (yay canon-stretching!) and there's some canon characters who still need filling, along with all kinds of space for crazy original characers (let your imagination go out there! Muaha!) -- there's a bit of info over at glitterstimsun if anyone is a fan of RPing and such.


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Here are a couple EU icons I made. They were kind that once you got the idea in your head, it wouldn't go away until you made them.

I run My friend, Mace Windu, runs his own livejournal where he posts pictures of his adventures everywhere. And he will be updating regularly soon because I'll finally have time he'll be on a break from his missions (and he's going to Disney World again, and conventions and so on) -- so if you would like to be his friend, he would love you forever. winduland -- sometimes he also returns comments on journals, if people talk to him. And I do not take responsibility for what he says. XD

Also, question time! What are your favorite silly/crazy/funny fanfilms? I'm a huge fan of the mockumentary A Great Disturbance, which follows five fans around Celebration III. It's site is here and you can watch the trailer here. LEE SAGOWITZ FTW. <3

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katydidnt98 [userpic]

I bring cracktastic icons made between June '05 and May '07. They go from G to PG-13, and there's no nudity, but there IS some suggestive text, mild profanity, and mature subject matter, so whether they're work-safe or not depends on where you work.

None of these are meant to bash any pairing or character. They're all meant in good fun, and the characters/pairings I'm hardest on are usually the ones I like the most. :)


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OH HAY. This here is the first post at teehee, darkside!, a livejournal community dedicated to all those weird little aspects of the Star Wars fandom. Odd fanfictions, fanart, theories, fanmixes, websites, icons, anything and everything. As long as it's Star Wars related (from the movies, books, video games, whatever!) and as long as it's cracktastic/crazy/funny/just plain WTF.

So invite your friends, share some glitterstim and join in the insanity!

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